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Globalist, International Artist, Creator & Sociologist 
Elene Akhvlediani Art school graduated 1986-1990
start creating  THE  ART from 2020 

Mountson’s qouts:

Wealthy nation can create better culture then hungry nation 

The world needs wealthy population

Art is source of communication between nations and their cultures


The Artist creates from 2020, in the short period she reachs Artistic level and became member of London Gallery. We hope great success for her career and her intention to bring beauty and technology together in humans developments and behavioral facts in her Art



                                                                                    ABSTRACT – DIGITAL ART

Flamingos  are very social birds, they live in colonies, found in the Caribbean and along the northern coast of South America.they are pink from eating algae that contains carotenoid pigments., they prefer to hang out with buddies. Parents may lose their pink pigments outside of breeding season, while raising yang.during the time their white colour basically means “Please leave me alone”


Name: Abstract – is  colourful, lively and exciting painting 

Artwork: "Think Green"and keep our planet eco clean and green

A True Friend is always there for you and will never leave you in extreme trouble

A True Friend did not leave me robbed, but opened my eyes for the world


SPRING - Unknown woman

Exhibition motivation - "i impress my views and thoughts in my Art about human's behaviour their development, modern society and their high tech achievements, and i would like to bring my Art to public eye"

The Anthropology

Artwork: PEACE was selected by London.UK Art Gallery for Exhibition June/30- July/9/2023

Artwork: NORTHEN LIGHTS was selected by London.UK Art Gallery for Exhibition June/30 - July 9/2023

Mysterious Blue Lotus

Jan 27th – International Holocaust Remembrance Memorial 

Mobile Solar Houses - animative artwork of future prediction


Triangle – Red Love


Fly Around The Sun – Connections Between Humons and Galaxy 



AI ON MARS – Digital Art




Amsterdom Black House


Blue Love💙

PEACE – make the helicopters instead of fighting jets

Landscape from the Helicopter located to Mallorca

SunShine Girlfriend located to Mallorka




 Business Plan




AI on Mars with a golden KYE at his right hand to explore
THE DELTA and find if there was a life on Mars....


Northern Lights with Dutch flag colours

Digital Art - My neighbour's Dog

My Neighbour's Dog - is a dog from real life and original graphic Art by Artist

SPARE PRINCE - Digital Art by iPen - May 9/2023

Forest Flowers - Digital Art by "iPen" created: May 10/2023


Which European country is best for artists?
 The report states Europe is home to 55 top art universities, with over half (28) in the UK. Following the top three, other countries featured on the list include (in order of ranking) Belgium,  Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland