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  It was a Cov_19…  time I blocked to West Europe during my travel between Belgium and Netherlands from East Europe. I had a great wish to upgrade my educational skills at Brussels school of Diplomacy, at the same time and while i was exploring the remarkable places, i went for a trip to the NL visited Vincent Van Gogh House Museum in Zundert small village where he born. and the pandemic started, everything closed, study was impossible. But I was quite impressed by the Childhood House of greatest Artist ever.  then I said to myself: “Why not to try to paint again”…

 And my story as an Artist have begun. Van Gogh still lives in Netherlands, i see him everywhere in to the huge fields and across the small roads of charming Dutch villages, i see him how he walks slowly, caring his heavy MOLBERT on his shoulders. he inspired me. my 1rst painting here that time  was “DUTCH TREE OF LIFE”, after that I have got orders from people and continue painting…

 I grow up to big house with the magnificent view of the Caucasus mountains, Then I was 12 years old I was studying music school to piano class, it was my Mom’s choice but I saw at my secondary school News Bord Art collage was recruiting students. I collect required documents and pass exams, this was the most prestigious Art school of children, named of famous Artist Elene Akhvlediani but school was famous also as the most difficult to became it’s student. my mom was quite surprised, she did not believed I did it myself. So I graduate 4 years Art school. but i never paint since my childhood, as i choose different profession.

  Then I paint it takes all of me…  I forget my surroundings… I am in my creative object, I belong it, I am into that different world there: honesty; humanity; kindness; generosity; democracy; freedom; human’s rights are not just abstract but in Art they become reality on canvas by different colours of our dreams.. you can touch and feel

i am very much oriented to bring history and HT in Art together, show connections of past; present and future life 


AI ON MARS Digital version

Jan 27th – International Holocaust Remembrance Memorial 

Mobile Solar Houses




Fly Around The Sun – Connections Between Humons and Galaxy 








Amsterdom Black House


Blue Love💙



Landscape from the Helicopter

SunShine Girlfriend





Business Plan



AI on Mars with a golden KYE at his right hand to explore
THE DELTA if there was a life before or not....


Northern Lights