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 Memorial of International Holocaust Remembrance

27 January is an  International Holocaust Day.

 In the II world war, the largest number of jewish and millions of people died. The people in the camps were burned as gassed. I personally knew the person from the extremly cruelty characterized camp Auschwitz, Maxi Librati who survived the death several times and finally due to the end of the war was released. later he became celebrity couturier, the intrepreneur and philanthropist in his country France. Maxi Librati is the most important example of the fact that the ordeal should not depress us but should strengthen us! 

Painting means win against the devil and personally win in the life

✊ Winning Hands up with the Star of King David

One hand symbolically has The number of living lagend holocaust survivor Maxi Librati famous French couturier the Artist knew in her real life 

Created: 27-Sep-2022

Materials: professional Norma Oil on Brussels Canvas aluminium/wood frame

Dimensions: 80 W x 130 H x 5 D cm

Weigh: 4.3kg / 9,48lbs 

Price: €7,200

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