RosenLand / Roosendaal

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Motivation: ‘RosenLand’ – the name is derived from the words – ‘Rose and Land’, the place where roses grew, the place with lots of roses. it can represent a place that people call home or something that brings them joy, peace and strength. The rose is a generally associated with beauty and romance, but it is also a powerful symbol for hope, healing and resilience. This makes The RosenLand a particularly appropriate Art for those that have overcome hardship in life and found strength and beauty in themselves. The RosenLand might be a reminder to be gentle with oneself, to accept one’s vulnerabilities and to appreciate the beauty of life’s fragility. it can also signify resilience and determination in the face of adversity and serve as and reminder to never give up. And of course, it can just be a lovely nod to a time and place of fond and treasured memories.  

Created: 2020-Dec-2023 

Materials: Norma professional Oils on Brussels Linnen canvas

Dimensions: 140 W x 80H x 4 D cm

Weight:  4.2kg / 9.3lbs

Price: 2,700

worldwide delivery