Daddy Pls Don't Go To The War

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Motivation: Univerce is full of wonderful colours and an artist mission is to catch them and bring it to the people and gift them joyfull moments. but how it can be possibe to paint a war with wonderouse colours but i did it for the hope. artwork: “‘Daddy Please Do Not Go to The War” is our generation’s wish, for not to ruin them the life but let them to enjoy their childhood let them to have a happy spark into their eyes…

High quality materials: professional Norma Oils on Brussels  canvas   (± 415 gr/m²)  Aluminium frame

Created: 00-January-2024 

Dimensions: W 140 x H 80 x D 5 cm

Weight: 4.3kg / 9,48Ibs 

Valuation: €0,000 

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