AI Humanoid on Mars

For Sale / Te Koop

This painting shows how an AI Humanoid Robot is researching planet mars at the possiblilty for human settlement


Motivation: This contamporary Artwork is 1st one, which shows AI, HT achievements of 21th century and 1rst AI humanoid in ART. It represents recent history for future. Mars is surrounded with yellow sun colour, There are Math, Astronomy and Physic formulas on Beautiful dark blue sky Nebula, humans with the sciences can reach the universe with those skills. AI Humanoid with golden Key at his right hand symbolically, researching if there was life on Mars before, due to Delta was found there by NASA. The idea of the this art is; AI Humanoid can help humans to explore the universe better


Materials: professional Norma Oilpaint on Oostende (± 395 gram/m²)  linen Canvas

Dimensions: 110 W x 200 H x 5 D cm

Weight: 8.6kg – 19lbs

Created: 06/2021

Price for Original: €120,000 

High resolution prints are available: $1.200 size by request

This detail of the painting AI on mars shows the nebula sky. the blue univers
This detail of the painting AI on mars shows this hidden letters AI
This formula represents Einsteins general relativity
This is a detail of the ursa major, also called big beer.