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Marie Mountson


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SWANS For Sale / Te Koop Motivation: white Swans had swam into the sea, they had been whispered and caressed by waves, white swans with a regal look looked at the vastness of the sea, why the sea was stirring so…


Internations Motivation: world gets more and more aggressive while definition of human existence is opposite: control behavior, be generous; hilarious, honorable; trustful, be bee not a fly; Love and Be Loved Materials: mixed acrylic, oil on Antwerpen canvas Valuation: unlimited…

Dutch Farm House

Dutch Farm House with Barn-Schuur For Sale / Te Koop   Motivation :Fascinating Dutch residential architecture Materials: oil and canvas on board. with frame Size: Hight 30cm x Lengh 40cm Created: 10-August-2023 Price: €250   Contact: email: WhatsApp: +32467615962


CRC-UNICEF For Sale / Te Koop Concept and motivation: Children have same rights as humans, Children of the world are protected by The Human Rights Convention  Materials: Oil on Canvas Size: 29x29x3.5cm Created: 4 – August -2023 Valuation: €470 Starting…

What’s happened

What’s happened For Sale / Te Koop Name: What’s happened – is a colourful abstract painting  Materials: oil on canvas Size: 50x100x4cm Valuation: €470 Starting price: €210 Created: 22-June-2023 


For Sale Simply The Best – Tina Turner materials: Oil Canvas saze: 30x40cm valuation: €383 – €400 starting price: €250 created: 30-May-2023 motivation: Tina Turner was Artist’s favorite singer